Natural Drink to reduce Prostate Size

Estrogen hormone is present in the bodies of both women and men, although the levels vary. It is considered a building hormone, leading to prostate enlargement, which is our focus today.

Estrogen and prolactin hormones are crucial in women’s bodies, but how are these hormones produced in both women and men?

The primary source of estrogen hormone production is the testosterone hormone, responsible for many aspects of masculinity. This occurs through the conversion of testosterone to estrogen by the aromatase hormone.

As mentioned earlier, estrogen causes prostate enlargement in many men over the age of forty, and its increased secretion makes it a significant health issue in men at that age.

Our focus here is on a natural beverage that inhibits the secretion of the aromatase enzyme, consequently reducing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and maintaining sexual and urinary health in men.

The beverage consists of natural products blended together:

  • One cup of water
  • Two whole lemons with their peel
  • Half a cup of blueberry or its juice without sugar

Blend them well and drink the mixture fresh. Also, make sure to consume arugula regularly.

If blueberries are unavailable, sweeten with artificial sweeteners, avoid carbohydrates and sweets, and try to reduce your overall weight. These steps can help naturally reduce prostate size without resorting to medications.



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