Medical Manager Role in Pharmaceutical Company

The Medical Manager Role now must be to handle multiple stakeholders and decision makers and KOLs in the competitive pharmaceutical industry and this can be done through- ensuring compliance handling medical information Major Share in business Development plans sharper focus on risk management for the company Find a way for Market Access in Difficult industry environment -generating or communicating emedical evidence dataincrease relationships with stakeholderst to tackle sophistcated payers ,patient andadvocacy groupsSales oriented medical affairs or managers are now a critical requestbridge between ( R&D ) and Sales and MarketingClinical StudiesThey Must have medical knowledge but also to put a process in placeBusiness Shaping insightsproduct development

Strengths for Medical Managers
– Learning Agililty
– Business Leadership and Acumentation
Ability to conduct knowledge
Strategic vision and thinking
basic commercial skills
cross functional callobortion

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