Procedure of getting Blood for ABG Test

How to get blood for Arterial Blood gases analysis ABG
Radial artery is usually preferred because of accessibility.
 • Palpate with index and middle of
non-dominant hand.
• Clean in circular motion with
antiseptic solution.
• Uncap syringe and hold like a
pen with bevel facing upward.
• Insert the needle at 45° angle
while palpating pulse proximal to puncture site, advance slowly. • Once the
needle enters the lumen of the radial artery, the arterial blood flow starts to
fill the syringe. Remove the non-dominant hand.
• After 2-3 mL of arterial blood
been obtained, remove the needle.
• Apply firm occlusive local
pressure at puncture site for 5 minutes, or longer time in patient with
coagulopathy or on anticoagulant.
• Check for hemostasis, apply
adhesive bandage over puncture site.
• Eliminate air bubbles and
analyze within 10 minutes.  

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