Revlimid generics in Egypt Lenalidomide

Lenalidomide is a drug launched under the name Revlimid from Celgene company used for the treatment of Multiple Meyloma
 and it is immunosuppressant It is the 3 rd Best Selling Drug Worldwide
in Egypt there are some drugs similar to Revlimid imitating the molecule of Lenalidomide with more Economic Price
as follow
Immunomide 25 mg 21 caps from Hikma specialized Pharmaceuticals Price 8404 L.E
Immunomide 5 mg 21 caps Price 6999 L.E
 Lenalid 10 mg & 25 mg  ( 30 Caps )  produced by Natco Pharma Limited not priced yet
Revlimid 10 mg 21 caps Price 123626
Revilimid 25 mg 21 caps  price 142856
Revilimid 5 mg caps Price 105000

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